The Program 

Our adventure officially starts when we arrive in Stockholm, Sweden's capitol city. From Stockholm we'll board a plane to Kiruna, Sweden's northernmost city high up in the Arctic region of Lappland. From there we'll embark on a scenic bus ride to Riksgränsen, the world’s northernmost ski resort located 180 miles to the north of the Arctic Circle and the first stop on our Ski the Arctic Adventure program. The ski season at Riksgränsen starts in February, when there is finally enough daylight hours to start enjoying the awesome snow, steeps, off piste as well as on piste skiing that Riksgränsen has to offer. As the ski area sits right at the border with Norway, you can actually ski two countries in a single run. As the season goes on and the days are getting longer and longer, come mid May, Riksgränsen opens up for “night skiing” from 10 pm to 1 am. On a good season, you can enjoy the Midnight Sun skiing until the end of June.

After many days of skiing our heart's out both during the day and at night guided by the midnight sun at Riksgränsen, we'll hop a train for a fun and picturesque ride to the old port city of Narvik in northern Norway. We'll tour and discover this beautiful city and learn about its rich history, culture and people. The next day, we will ski the mountains of Narvik, renowned for having the largest vertical drop in Scandinavia with unique off piste ski conditions and exciting steep terrain. The views from the summit are spectacular and breathtaking with runs winding all the way down to the blue waters of the Ofoten Fjord 4200 ft below.

After our stint into Norway, we'll return to Riksgränsen for more skiing and fun. You'll have an option and an opportunity to learn about the local Sami (Lappish) people, native to the northernmost regions of Sweden, Norway and Finland. Learn about their fascinating history and culture and their indispensible reindeer herds. Other optional activities available will be guided hut to hut cross country excursions, dog sledding, reindeer sled rides, snowmobiling, snow camping and much more.

Of course, we cannot leave Sweden without exploring and discovering the exciting and gorgeous Capitol city, Stockholm. Also referred to as "Scandinavia's Capitol", it is built on 14 islands just in from the Baltic Sea, with the islands and city strung together with little bridges. Stretching out into the Baltic is a stunningly picturesque archipelago of over 20,000 more islands. You will have an opportunity to be guided to Stockholm's most famous and interesting landmarks and sights and to experience some of the best Stockholm has to offer. To cap off our adventure, we'll end our Midnight Sun Adventure program and our day of Stockholm discovery, with a Bon Voyage Party at one of the city's charming restaurants.


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