Frequently Asked Questions 
 How long is the flight time from San Francisco to Stockholm? And from the East Coast? 
 What is the arrangement if I fly from other airports besides San Francisco? 
 May I arrange my own air travel? 
 How long is the flight time from Stockholm to Kiruna? 
 How long is the bus ride from Kiruna to Riksgränsen? 
 How long is the train ride from Riksgränsen in Sweden to Narvik in Norway? 

Can I extend and customize my Midnight Sun Adventure trip? Can I create a private group program/trip with Gardtman Skiing International?

 Are there other accommodations options other than double occupancy? Are single rooms available? 
 If I am traveling by myself, what are my rooming options? 
 What meals are included and not included in my package? 
 What is the typical May weather? 
 Are there ski & sport shops to purchase/rent equipment? 
 What is the currency? What is the current exchange rate? 
 Do I need a VISA? 
 What is the guided skiing and instruction structure? 
 What events are covered and not covered? What other incidental costs should one expect? 
 What happens after I have signed up for the program and mailed in my deposit? 

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